The Grand 9th Guilin Dragon Boat Race to be celebrated on June 10th

Source: Date: 2008-6-4 By iris

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Guilin Dragon Boat Race
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2008 the Ninth Guilin Dragon Boat Race will be celebrated on June 10th. This year is the tenth year after last Dragon Boat Festival held in Guilin. As custom of the traditional Dragon Boat Festival: a small competition held every five years and a grand competition held every ten years, and moreover, for welcoming Beijing Olympic Games, this year’s Guilin Dragon Boat Festival will be exceptionally grand. There will be 132 teams taking part in the Dragon Boat Race, among which 90 man teams and 33 woman teams from Guilin, 9 international united teams formed by American, German, French and Italian, and other teams respectively from Hong Kong, Macao, Great Britain, Canada, Australian, Holland and Malaysia. The participators will be over 5000. The venue of the race will be in Li River from the Elephant Hill to the Jiefang Bridge, 500 meters in length.


Dragon Boat Race


Dragon Boat race is a team paddling sport on water, using painted boats which are attached decorative dragon heads and tails called Dragon Boat. Each team usually consists of 22 team members, including 20paddlers, one steerer and one drummer. And in Guilin Dragon Boat Race this year there are 27 team members in each team. It is a traditional Chinese sport varying from rowing, which is usually celebrated during the Dragon Boat Festival (the fifth day of the fifth month of Chinese lunar calendar) to commemorate a famous Chinese patriot poet Qu Yuan and pray for a harvest year.

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