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Telephone is a very fast way for communication. The callers usually pay the telephone fee by themselves, but there are some telephones whose fee should be paid by the hearers, that is, the telephones that the callers affirm that the hearers will pay for the telephone fee when registrating. So far, this item of business is only open to the countries and regions that have through circuits in principle. For the convenience of calling, people have developed a magnetism calorie telephone service, that is, the telephone by using a card. The consumers can contact each other in quite a simple way by using a telephone card. Before calling, the callers are supposed to buy a magnetic card of different face value according to their own needs.

If the telephone consumers wish to dial directly domestic or international number, they can consult the following cities' telephone area codes:

Domestic call: Beijing 010, Guangzhou 020, Shanghai 021, Tianjin 022, Ha'erbin 0451, Xiamen 0592, Shenzhen 0755 etc.

International call: China 86, America and Canada 1, Russia 7, France 33, Britain 44, Germany 49, Australia 61, Japan 81 etc.

To make IDD (International Direct Dial) phone call: the area code goes before the consumers' phone number. For example, if you want to call a consumer in Shanghai whose number is 3217200, you should dial 0213217200 to get it through.

To make international direct dialing telephone: first dial the international word crown, then the area code of the countries or the regions and lastly the consumers' number. For instance, if you want to have a direct connect with the number 42246879 in Paris of France, you can dial 0033142246879. Be aware that the cities' area codes of some countries (regions) begin with the number 0. Take Paris for example, the area code is 01. When you have an international direct dialing, you only need to dial 1 instead of 01.

The charge for IDD telephone counts by minutes. The basic charge is a minute.

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