Online volunteers wanted

Are you a person who is interested in China, its history, culture and people? Do you enjoy traveling and like to share your travel experiences with others? Does some of the English on our web site really BUG you? Would you like to show how to use the English language properly?

China Travel is seeking online volunteers to help us improve our websites and learn more about China at the same time. Do not hesitate to join us. You will get a lot of enjoyment out of volunteering with us.

Chinatravel EditorsWhy volunteer with us?

chinatravelserviceservice.freechinalink.com is dedicated to creating the web’s largest china travel information and online exchange platform. Our goal is to provide travelers with the most comprehensive china travel information based on contributions from travelers worldwide.

Our volunteer program opens door to many new and exciting opportunities: the wonderful chance to know more about China, its culture and people and help those who are interested in traveling to China. Best of all, you can set your own schedule and time commitment in volunteering with us.

What volunteers do?
A. Proofreading of articles and web pages. Review articles for
1. Correct English (grammar, spelling, vocabulary)
2. Appropriate English (language, sentence structure, expression)
3. Content (review content, marketing focus, cultural aspects, make suggestions for additional content).
B. Writing travel reviews & comments and travel stories
C. Answering questions on China travel web site.

Your commitments and our requirements

A. Our volunteers should possess excellent written skills, with a flair for language.

B. Be willing to pay attention to details when editing information.                       

C. Be willing to commit sufficient time to take on a project and to finish it in a timely manner.

D. Have access to a computer with Microsoft Word installed. Have ongoing and regular access to the Internet and basic knowledge of computer use.

E. All the work should be done on line.

F. Have a keen sense of what foreign travelers are seeking, and prevailing trends.

If you meet all the requirements above, you are the very person we are looking for! Interested? Contact Ruru at



Copyright agreement

This Agreement is made between China Travel and China Travel Online Volunteers

For valuable consideration, receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, the parties hereby agree as follows:

Any work created or edited by China travel online Volunteers, including proofreading, travel stories, travel comments and reviews, will become the property of China Travel. China Travel will be the sole owner of all rights in and hold the complete and undivided copyright in such work. To the extent the work does not qualify as “work for hire” the online employee does hereby transfer to China travel the entire right, title and interest in and copyright of the work, any registrations and copyright applications relating thereto and any renewals and extensions thereof, and in and to all works based upon, derived from, or incorporating the work, and in and to all income, royalties, damages, claims and payments now or hereafter due or payable with respect thereto, and in and to all causes of action.

Online volunteers warrant and present to China Travel that he/she is the author or a contributing author of the work and that the work is original and has not been published before in any form, that it does not infringe upon any copyright of any other person and that he/she is the exclusive owner of the right herein conveyed to China Travel.

The term "work to be assigned" includes: writings, articles and editing or other materials identified above and any other materials and work products submitted for inclusion in the work, where such relevant materials are created as a result of the referred work or activities, reports, plans, designs, and suggestions.

Accepting a position at China travel, the volunteer acknowledges that he/she has read, understood and accepted the above copyright agreement.


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