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China TravelChina Travel is a great place to find comprehensive China travel information, travel advice, reviews and for people share their travel experiences.  

China Travel's goal is to provide a platform to receive and disseminate China travel information in the spirit of learning from the experiences of others. We trust our platform will provide a way to make new friends and share experiences with those who are as enthusiastic about travel as we are.

A wise person once said " knowledge is power" so let's empower each other with advice, reviews and information gained from personal experience.

China is vast and complicated with very diverse landscapes and different cultures. Find out where to go and what to see from those people who have been there already. Get to know about the real life of its people from travelers who have been and can help with the most interesting things to do, how to get around, how to avoid problems, as well as advice on itineraries.

We value users' participation and contributions. Any user can create, update, edit, and illustrate any article on the web site. We believe the more people that participate in China Travel, the better it will become.    

China Travel wishes to express our sincere gratitude to China Travel users for their effort and contribution to help us build a better China Travel.



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