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Geographic Location

The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is the earliest autonomous region in China. People call it Inner Mongolia for short. It is situated in the north of China. To the northwest, Inner Mongolia is bounded by Russia and Mongolia. To the south, east and north, it is bounded by Gansu Province, Ningxia Province, Shanxi Province, Shanxi Province, Hebe Province, Liaoning Province, Jilin Province, Heilongjina Province.

The altitude of Inner Mongolia Plateau is about 1000 meters. There are prosperous forests, endless grassland, rich farms, broad water, various animals and plants and countless treasures underground on this extensive land. People call the wide and shallow basin there as Tala. In the area of Hulunbeier Lake and Xilinguole River, that i...[ View Details ]

More Cities Famous Tourist Cities

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AS capital of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Hohhot which means Green City in Mongolian is the political, economic and cultural centre of the region. It ... [ View Details ]

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Introduction to the city:The total area of Tongliao City is 59,535 square kilometers. There is one city, one county, one district and five banners [ View Details ]

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Baotou, called Baoketu in Mongolian, which means a place of deer. Baotou governs Kundulun District, Qingshan District, Donghe District, Jiuyuan District, Shigua... [ View Details ]

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