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Tianjin Travel Guide
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Tianjin, once abbreviated as Jin, Jingu, Gushang, Zhigu, Dinggu, Jin Gate, Sanjin and Yingjin in history, is one of the 4 municipalities directly under the Central Government of the People's Republic of China. Tianjin is the third largest city in China next to Beijing and Shanghai.

Tianjin is not appealing at first glance: a large metropolis filled with concrete steel structures. However,the city remains a sizable areas of wonderful colonial architecture which illustrates its past.

Top attractions in Tianjin are the Huangyaguan Great Wall(Yellow Cliff Great Wall), concession-era architecture, Tianjin Old City, Dabei Buddhist Monastery.

Kites and New Year pictures of Tianjin are very famous. One of the specialties of the place is the two day kite-flying festi... [ View Details ]

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Huangya Guan Great Wall

Huangyaguan Great Wall 0-star

Huangya, means "yellow cliff". The pass takes this name from the yellowish hills and rocks nearby. Originally built in Tianbao 7th of Beiqi (557 A D), the Huangyanguan was repaired for th... [ View Details ]

Tianjin Old City

Tianjin Old City 0-star

Guangdong Assembly Hall, built during the 33rd year of the Guangxi Emperor's ruling period (1907), sits near the south gate of Tianjin Old City. An Islamism Mosque, built in the 42nd year of the Ka... [ View Details ]

Dabei Buddhist Temple (Great Compassion Buddhist Temple)

Dabei Buddhist Temple (Great Compassion Buddhist Temple) 0-star

The Dabie Buddhist Monastery is made up of two parts: the old monastery and the new monastery. The old monastery refers to the three great halls in the western yard. The construction of the old mon... [ View Details ]

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