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Luoyang is famous for its brilliant culture and long history. It is one of the six famous ancient capitals of China. It is encircled by Mangling Mountain in the north and Songshan Mountain in the south. Luoyang was the capital during 13 dynasties: Xia, Shang, West Zhou, Eastern Zhou, Eastern Han, Wei, Western Jin, Northern Wei, Sui, Tang, Later Liang, Later Tang and Later Jin, spanning 1,529 years.

Archaeologisst have discovered five city ruins from the Xia Dynasty, Shang Dynasty, Zhou Dynasty, Han and Wei Dynasties along the Luohe River.  News of the discovery which was later called "Five Capitals along One River" soon spread around the world and accelerated Luoyang's reputation as a tourist destination. Its history as a capital has endowed Luoyang with quite a n... [ View Details ]

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A city served as capital for nine dynasties , Luoyang is filled with history and culture.

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