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People of the bustling cities may find peace, fresh air and idyllic surroundings on the Qinghai-Tibet highland. The fluffy white clouds, purely blue sky, vista of vast grassland on which flocks of sheep and herds of yaks are grazing, creates a sanctuary free from the turmoil of modern cities. On this mystical, unspoiled land, travelers will find Xining-capital of Qinghai Province.

Situated at the northeast of Qinghai province, Xining lies at the junction of the Lanzhou-Qinghai and the Qinghai-Tibet railway with good transportation. Bordering the harsh Tibet highland, Xining is 2,260 meters above sea level but climate there is much better than that of Tibet. Enjoying a good location surrounded by high mountains, the city has a relatively comfortabl... [ View Details ]

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