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Port of Emperor Qianlong on horse
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Hebei Province surrounds the capital Beijing. It covers a total area of 197693 square kilometers. Its provincial capital is Shijiazhuang City. It is 283 kilometers away from Beijing in the north, adjoins Tianjian and abuts on the Bohai Sea in the east, holds in the mouth the two provinces of Shangdong and Henan in the southeast and the south, lies at the back of Taihang Mountains and neighbors Shanxi Province in the west, has a common boundary with the Mongolia Autonomous Region in the northwest and the north and borders on Liaoning Province in the northeast.

The topography of Hebei Province is high in the northwest and low in the southeast. It slopes from the northwest to the southeast with complicated and varied landforms. It is the sole province with seashore, plai...[ View Details ]

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