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Changsha travel guide, Travel to Changsha, Changsha China Guide
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Changsha is located in northeast part of Hunan. It is the capital city of Hunan province as well as the political, economic and cultural center. It is also a city of history and culture as well as China top tourist city.

Changsha is subjected to sub-tropical humid monsoon climate, cold in winter and hot in summer with long summer and winter, short spring and autumn. The average annual temperature is 17.2 degree centigrade. It maintains moderate and humid climate features in the year round.

Chansha is a famous city of history and culture all over the world and has attracted many scholars, making it a gathering place of great writers. The one-thousand-year Yuelu Academy has carried out culture inheritance. The famous ideologist of Lixue Zhu Xi and Zhang Shi in Song dynasty... [ View Details ]

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Juzi Island in the Xiangjiang River formed in the 305 AD and got its name in the six century, from the poem of famous poet in Tang Dynasty., "the field of Ju Island is still fe... [ View Details ]

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