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Dunhuang Travel Guide
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Dunhuang is the best stop of the Silk Road in Gansu and is the gateway to Xinjiang and the area beyond. Though it is much more arduous to go by land instead by air to Dunhuang, it is a very special and an unforgettable experience. The highway is 380km long. A city ruin along the way is worth seeing. Along the highway you may also see mirages, which led many ancient merchant caravans astray into the "desert of death". In the past ancient caravans from central China to the Western Region stopped at Dunhuang to replenish before they went into the Taklimakan Desert. The caravans coming out of the desert from the other end also stopped there before they continued eastward into central China.

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4-star Coca Says:
  2008-8-13 1:48:00
I loved the Silk Road, the fruit, the desert and the whole place

3-star lavender0108 Says:
  2008-3-18 4:04:00
This wonderful city can give you fascinate experience in China.

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