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Lanzhou situated at the centre of Gansu Province is the political, economic, cultural and commercial center of Gansu Province as well as the hub of communications of northwestern regions. With a history of 1400 years, Lanzhou was an important fortification in history and a place of strategic importance along the Silk Road (An ancient trade route between China and the Mediterranean Sea).

In ancient times, Lanzhou was a major thoroughfare to Central Asia, Africa and Europe, which helped promote the progress and friendship between Chinese people and the people in the west. It was one of the three major ferries along the Yellow River for people going from Chang'an to the western Xinjiang and Tibet regions. As a great hub on the ancient Silk ... [ View Details ]

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more attractions Recommended Attractions

Binglingsi Thousand Buddha Caves

Binglingsi Thousand Buddha Caves 2-star

Lying in Yongjing County with half a day's distance from Lanzhou via car, Bingling Thousand Buddha Caves is one of the best-preserved collections of Buddhist cave art in all of China.

The... [ View Details ]

Waterwheel Garden

Waterwheel Garden 2-star

Giant ancient waterwheels, made in the Ming Dynasty, were used for irrigation of the farming fields along the Yellow River in ancient Lanzhou City. The Lanzhou waterwheel was quite a famous inventi... [ View Details ]

White Pagoda Hill Park

White Pagoda Hill Park 2-star

The fabulous White Pagoda was said to be built in honor of a famous Tibetan Lama, who died from sever illness on his way to meet Genghis Khan founder and emperor of the Yuan Dynasty at Lanzhou City... [ View Details ]

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2-star lavender0108 Says:
  2008-3-18 3:56:00
A city worths going

2-star lavender0108 Says:
  2008-3-18 3:56:00
A city worths going

2-star lavender0108 Says:
  2008-3-18 3:56:00
A city worths going

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