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As an internationally well-known ancient and young metropolis, Beijing, the great capital city of the People's Republic of China, is called Jing for short. It lies on the northwest of the Huabei Plain, around 150 kilometers to the northwest of Bohai Sea. Measuring over 16, 800 square kilometers, Beijing has a total population of approximately 13.819 million. To the north of the city is the Jundu Mountain, to the west the Xi Mountain and to the southeast of Beijing is the alluvial plain formed by the Yongding and Chaobai Rivers and slopes towards the Bohai Sea. About 62 % of the whole territory is mountainous land with a large variety of minerals and metals such as coals, iron and superior construction materials like granite and white marble.

Being the capital of the P. R. China,... [ View Details ]

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4-star doreen Says:
  2008-7-25 9:05:00
Beijing is a good place to eat and buy

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  2008-7-2 3:32:00
Beijing is great

5-star Jason Says:
  2008-5-11 20:01:00
Beijing My Dear

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