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Gulangyu Island
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General Introduction of the Province

Fujian is situated in the southeast coast of China, neighboring Zhejiang in the northeast, Jiangxi in the northwest, Guangdong in the southwest and Taiwan across the sea in the east. It is one of provinces in China's mainland nearest to Southeastern Asia and the Pacific Ocean in terms of maritime transportation, and is also an important window and base for China's communication with the outside world.

Tourist Resources

Fujian is a mountainous area famous for the picturesque Wuyi Mountain, the fascinating Taimu Mountain, the Qingyuan Mountain and the Guanzhi Mountain. Sea scenes in this province are also noted and featured, such as Gulangyu Island and Meizhou Island. Quanzhou city used ...[ View Details ]

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Fuzhou is located in the southeastern coastal area of China. It is the capital of Fujian province and the region's politics, economy and culture as well. It has... [ View Details ]

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Located in the south of Fujian Province and Lower reaches of Nine-dragon River, Zhangzhou is one of the central city of Xiamen-Zhangzhou-Quanzhou Economic Zon... [ View Details ]

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