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Geographical Location and Landform

Guangxi is situated in the southern part of China. It neighbors on Beibu Gulf Rim in the South and faces Hainan Province across the sea. It borders Guangdong Province in the east, connects with Hunan Province in the northeast, neighbours on Guizhou and Yunnan Province respectively in the west and northwest, and adjoins Viet Nam in the southwest. Guangxi accounts a land area of 236.7 thousand square kilometers, 2.5% of that of whole China. With the marine area of 129.3 square kilometers, the Beibu Gulf Rim boasts a coastline of over 1500-kilometer-long and 697 islands. Weizhou Island, which is 28 square kilometers wide, is the largest island along the coast.

Located in southwest Yungui Plateau, Guangxi is hugged by a lot of mountains a...[ View Details ]

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