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Luoping is an important producing county of the cole in China. It is also an important area of bee reproducing in spring and a processing base of bee products. In February and March of every year, the cole flowers planting in the 200,000 mus of fields are in full bloom in the basin of Luoping. Looking widely, you just see golden yellow stretching to the horizon. No matter who stands in the biggest natural garden, he will think highly of Luoping.

The annual Cole Flowers Tourist Festival in Luoping of Yunnan will make you feel the harmony between human beings and the nature, and enjoy the beautiful sights fully.

Sites for admiring cole flowers:

Niu Street:

Transportation: you can take minibuses from Luoping to Niu Street. This will cost you 4 yuan and take you about 40 minutes. There are no minibuses at night, so you can take pedicabs from Luoping to Niu Street. It will cost you about 20 yuan. You have to talk the price over with the owner before hand to make sure it is 20 yuan per person or 20 yuan per pedicab.

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The best site for admiring cole flowers at Niu Street is on the slope. Looking down at the cole flowers with all kinds of patterns, you will find some of them are like eyes, some like butterflies. You can use your imagination as possible as you can. The sites for admiring flowers at Niu Street are not like those on the Golden Cock Peak. They don’t have obvious marks. You’d better find a local person to be your guide after getting off the bus because it is very difficult for you yourself to find them. What’s more, Niu Street is only a very small town, and there is no regular transportation. There may be no buses going back to Luoping after 5 in the afternoon. If you come for taking pictures, you’d better wait until the dusk when the light is the best. It is advisable that you fix the time with the owner of the pedicab and let him wait for you, because it is difficult to get accommodation on the small town.

Golden Cock Peak:

Transportation: it will cost you 2 yuan from Luoping to the Golden Cock Peak by minibuses and the travel will take you about 10 minutes. You can also take pedicabs, and it will cost you 10 yuan and take you about 15 minutes. By the way, you can get off any time you want to take pictures if you go by pedicabs. The price for the tickets of the Golden Cock Peak is 2 yuan, but it is possible that two persons buy only one ticket.

Brief introduction:

If you stand on the Golden Cock Peak in the morning, the white fog disappears and golden sea will come out. The many islands stand still in the sea of flowers. The golden shuttles of morning sun go past the sea of flowers. The shining yellow will make you relaxed and happy. The best site for taking pictures is the Sight Admiring  Platform of the Golden Cock Peak because it is easy to find views from different angles there. Many pictures of Luoping in the album have been taken from here.

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Luoping is 230 kilometers away from Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan Province, and 80 kilometers away from Xingyi City of Guizhou Province. The National Highway No. 324 and Nanning-Kunming railway run through the city. From Kunming to Luoping, it will take you 5 hours by car and 4 hours by train.

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The cole flowers are in their fullest bloom for only ten days in a year. If you go too early, you will miss nothing; but if you go too late, you will miss much. So it is better to set out after you get everything clear. If it is warm early, the flowers will bloom early. The prime time is from round about February, 20th to 25th. Until March, the flowers would have faded. But if it gets warm late, the flowers will bloom late. Anyway, the time for the blooming is different from year to year. March ...[read more]

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