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Geography and Topography

Situated in the southernmost corner of China, Hainan Island at 18°10′~20°10′N latitude and 108°37′~111°03′E longitude takes the shape of a large oval pear. The length from northeast to southwest is about 290 kilometers, and the width from northwest to southeast is about 180 kilometers, with a total area of 33900 square kilometers. It is the second largest island in China, second only to Taiwan Island. It is bordered by Qiongzhou Strait and Guangdong in the north. In the west it is faced by Vietnam Democratic Commonwealth with the Northern Bay in between. It borders on the South China Sea in the east and lies in the opposite of Taiwan Province. It neighbors Philippines towards the east, Malaysia and Brunei towards...[ View Details ]

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Sanya is the second largest city in Hainan province (Hainan being the biggest special economic zone in the country), and is in the middle of the south part of H... [ View Details ]

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Haikou is a tropical city with rich tropical resources and prospects. It has a history of more than a thousand years since it was open as a port. The city i... [ View Details ]

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