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Tengchong Volcanoes
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Geographical Location

Yunnan stands in south (means "nan" in Chinese) of Yun Ling Mountain. There is a distance of 88.5 km. between the east and west and 910 km. from the south to north. The Tropic of Cancer runs across its southern part. Yunnan borders on Burma to the west and southwest, Laos and Vietnam to the south. The Chinese border stretches 4060km along Yunnan boundaries. On its east are Guizhou Province and Guangxi Zhang Autonomous Region, and on the north are Sichuan Province and Chongqing city, and on the northwest is Tibet Autonomous Region.

Land Form

Yuanjiang Valley and the south valley of Yun Ling cut the Yunnan region into two parts. The eastern section is the Yunnan Plateau consisting of Di...[ View Details ]

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Hunan rank 4
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