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Jiuzhaigou in late autumn
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Sichuan Province lies in the southwest of China and in the upper reach of the Yangtze River. The 130° meridian line of East Longitude divides the province into two distinctive parts in topography: the western part is high in altitude and belongs to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau while the eastern part is the hilly Sichuan Basin.

The province sits between the  Qingling Mountain and Yungui Plateau. Distance from the east to the west  is about 1,200 kilometers and the distance in the widest part from the south to the north is about 900 kilometers. Sichuan Province is one of the fifth largest provinces in China and it has an area of 570,000 km2, accounting for 6% of the total area of China.

Sichuan is a mountainous region. Mountains, plateaus and hills take up 97.46...[ View Details ]

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Jiuzhaigou in late autumn Jiuzhaigou 0-star

If there is a spot in Sichuan Province that is more strikingly beautiful, more fairyland-like than the Huanglong Scenic and Historic Interest Area, it has to be... [ View Details ]

Night scene of Jinli Pedestrian Street Chengdu 0-star

Chengdu, (Jin or Rong for short), is the capital of southwestern China's Sichuan Province. Itis located between the plateau and mountainous region in the northw... [ View Details ]

Topological China Leshan 0-star

Leshan (literally: happy mountain), formerly called Jiazhou, is located in the southwestern part of the Sichuan Basin also called the Red Basin in Sichuan Pro... [ View Details ]

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