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Haikou Travel Guide
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Haikou is a tropical city with rich tropical resources and prospects. It has a history of more than a thousand years since it was open as a port.

The city is of the shape of the heart on the map. There is not too much mountains there. The longest river of the Hainan Island, namely the Nandu River runs through the city. The river is winding to the north. Except for the 36 massifs at the Northwest, the whole area is generally terraces and plains, with an average altitude of no more than 100 meters.

Sea is to the north of the city. And the coastal line of the city is about 131 kilometers long, covering an area of 830 square kilometers. The beaches in Haikou are wide and stretch a long way. The sands are white and fine. Beaches like the Holiday Beach, the Don... [ View Details ]

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