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Jinan City lies in the mid-west part of Shangdong province. It s the capital city of Shandong Province, the big economic province on China's east coast in the lower reaches of the Yellow River.  Jinan covers an area of 8,154 square meters, with a population of more than 5.4 million.

With a long history of over 2,000 years, Jinan is the birth place of Longshan Culture of the late New Stone Age (4000-4600 years ago). So the city has numerous cultural relics and historical sites, such as Chengzi Cliff, the part of the great wall built by the State of Qi (in the third century B.C), which was constructed before the famous Great Wall built in the Qin Dynasty, Guo Family Mausoleum which was built during the Han Dynasty on Xiaotang Hill---the oldest s... [ View Details ]

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Baotu Spring Park

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Daming Lake

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Daming Lake is ranked among the three key points of interest in the city. With constant water sources from Pear Spring,Zhuoying Spring, Wangfu Chi Spring and etc,the lake is  called” con... [ View Details ]

Quancheng Square

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Located in the city center, Quancheng Square covers an area of 16.96 hectares. It is now a top-grade modern square where Qilu culture and economic strength are well shown.

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It is the capital of Shandong province.

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