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Guiyang Travel Guide
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As the capital city, Guiyang is the political, economic, cultural and traffic center of Guizhou province. It has a total area of 8034 square meters, with the average altitude of over 1000 meters. Guiyang is so named because it lies to the south of Guisan Mountain. In the Chinese language, "Gui" refers to the Guisan Mountain, and "yang" means "south", therefore, "Guiyang" means "the south of Guisan Mountain". The city is called "Zhu" for short, as the area was famous for the making of a kind of bamboo musical instrument named "Zhu", which was very popular in ancient times.

The census in the year 2000 shows that it has a population of 3.3157 million. Guiyang is a multi-nationalities city. Apart from the Han, the... [ View Details ]

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Jiaxiulou 4-star


As the landmark of Guiyang, Jiaxiu Tower is also called the First Scholar's Tower. Originally built in 1598 in the Ming times, the tower is magnificent and uni... [ View Details ]

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Qianling Park 4-star


Situated on Qianling Hill, which is 1.5 kilometers from the center of Guiyang City, the park covers an area of 426 hectares. First built in 1957, it is a uniq... [ View Details ]

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Baihua (Hundred Flower)Lake 4-star


This is a man-made lake; it was created in 1960 when the dam of a hydropower station was built. The lake features numerous bays and more than 100 charm... [ View Details ]

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Amazing Guiyang

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  2008-3-18 4:44:00
As the capital city of Guizhou, Guiyang is a beautiful city in south China.

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