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Shenyang Travel Guide
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Shenyang, capital of Liaoning Province, is the economic, cultural, transportation and trade center in northeast China, and also an important industrial and historical city. Shenyang governs nine districts, one city and three towns with an area of 13000 square kilometers and a population of 7.204 million, of which includes an urban area of 3495 square kilometers and urban population of 5.066 million.

Shenyang is hinterland of Liaoning Peninsula and it is located in the south of northeast China and in the middle of Liaoning Province, with Changbai Mountain behind and the Bohai Sea in front. Within a radius of 150 kilometers based on Shenyang, there are Anshan (Steel City), Fushun (Coal City), Benxi (Coal and Iron City), Fuxin (Coal and Electricity City), Panjin (Petroleum City), D... [ View Details ]

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Shenyang Forbidden City

Shenyang Imperial Palace 2-star

Shenyang Imperial Palace is the most ancient imperial architectural complex of Qing Dynasty in China next only to the Forbidden City in Beijing in historical and art value. Shenyang Imperial Palace... [ View Details ]

Fuling Tomb

Fuling Tomb (East Tomb) 2-star

It is also called East Tomb due to its location on 11 kilometers above Mt. Tianzhu in the northeast of Shenyang. It is jointly called three imperial tombs outside Shanhaiguan with Zhao Tomb in Shen... [ View Details ]

Zhaoling Tomb

Zhaoling Tomb 2-star

Zhaoling Tomb, the tomb of Hongtaiji and his wife, Xiaoduanwen Queen, is a Key Cultural Relic Unit under State Protection.

Zhaoling Tomb, also called North Tomb due to its location in the n... [ View Details ]

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A beautiful north city in China.

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