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Becoming a contributor

You are the most important source China Travel has and we believe every comment, review and photo you contribute will make a difference to our web site. To become a contributor of China Travel, you have to register at first.

Steps to register a member:

  • You will need to specify a screen name and password, and a valid email address.
  • Click "Register a New User" right above the home page, and fill all the required fields click "submit". In that case, a notification e-mail will be sent to you immediately after you have registered.
  • Now you are a member of China Travel and you can ask any qustions, write reviews&comments, share stories and edit articles on our site.


Edit Pages

  • You can edit any articles on China Travel by clicking the Edit Link. You will get a browser text-entry box with the current contents of the page. You can modify the page however you can, but anything you add must be compatible with the China Travel copyleft.
  • When you have finished editing, click the "Update" button to save your changes. Of course you can cancel your edits by hit the " Cancel" button.
  • Click the "page history" link to see what you just changed.


Make Comments

You can write any reviews & comments to any articles on China Travel web site. Click the "Make a Comment" link at the bottom of the page and you will be linked to a page where you can rate travel experience of a place, write your comments. Click the "Submit" button, your comments will be submitted. To see what your comments look like, please hit the " Preview" button. You are recommended to "preview" before saving your comments to make sure your comments look right. Click the "Cancel" button to give up your comments.


Upload Photos

You can upload any photos to China Travel web site by clicking the "Upload" link but please make sure any images you provide must be in accordance with the our policy stipulated in our Terms and Conditions.

To upload your photos you have to create an album first. If you have already have several photo albums, be sure to choose the right album. You can upload at most 5 photos each batch and your photo should be in jpg,gif,peg format. The total file size should be within 2MB and the size of a single photo should not exceed 2048 KB.

Add title, tag and descriptions to your photos: Your photo title will appear above that very photo. Despite not being required, your photo tags are of great help to people search your pictures. Descriptions will help people fully understand and appreciate your photos, thus it is necessary.

Save your uploads: save your uploads and your photos will be on our web site.


Write Travel Stories/News

Click the "Write a New Story or Write your travel news; and you will get a browser text-entry box where you can write your travel story(news). Click the "Submit" button to submit your story after it being finished. You can edit an uploaded story or delete a no longer wanted story in your story page. Your stories/news may appear on the "Hot Story"/Hot Nws"based on other travelers' vote.


Ask and Answer Questions


- Ask Questions
You can ask any questions concerning China in China travel web site. Click the "Ask Questions" and you will get a question entry page. Write your question title, tags and question content in the page and hit the"submit" button to submit. Your questions will appear immidiately on our web site after it being submitted.


- Answer Questions:
We believe you are the travel experts China Travel have and your knowledge will make a difference to China Travel. If you would like to answer a question click the" I can answer it" button after that very question. Enter your answer and hit the" submit" button and your anwer will appear after the answered question.



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