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China Hotels Booking Process

China Hotels Booking Process


China Hotels Booking FAQs/Tips

1. Is Internet access available in hotels in China?

Yes, most major hotels provide convenient Internet service with reasonable fees.


2. Can I confirm a non-smoking hotel room?

Yes,we can book a non-smoking or other type of room for you upon your requirements.


3. Chinese Hotels ask for a large deposit when I check in, is this normal?

Unfortunately, all Chinese hotels will ask for a deposit upon check in. The amount required will vary depending on the hotel. The deposit should range from RMB 100 a night to RMB 800 per night. Hotels in Beijing demand the highest deposits. The deposit can be paid in cash or by credit card. The hotel will process the credit card transaction and then process a credit at check out. A receipt is issued for cash deposits and it is necessary to present the receipt to obtain the refund of the deposit.


4. Is it safe to drink water from a bottle water dispenser in my hotel room?

No. We advise our customers not to drink from any bottled water dispenser in a hotel room. Most hotels provide individual bottles of water or large containers of hot water.


5. Why are the beds in China so hard?

Hard beds are very popular in China. Chinese people believe that hard beds are good for your health so the beds are made this way. Even though there are many foreign tourists coming to China, the majority of tourists in China are domestic tourists so the hotels cater for their biggest market. More and more hotels are realizing that foreign guests have different needs and the situation is changing slowly. If you find that the beds are too hard for you, please ask the housekeeping staff for a couple of extra blankets which you can put over the mattress. This will soften the bed a little. If you get extra blankets from the hotel, please allow enough time at check-out for the hotel to check that the blankets have been returned.


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