Chinese Ethnic Groups

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China is a large country with many ethnic groups. By now there are 56 nationalities identified, comprising of Han ethnic group as the major nationality and 55 ethnic minorities. They are called by a joint name Chinese Nation.

The population of Han Nationality is over 1.1billion, accounting for 91.7% of the total Chinese population. It is the major ethnic group of China and also the largest nationality in terms of population world widely. 

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Topics about Chinese Ethnic Groups

Topics Topics
Jing Nationality Lohba Nationality
Mulam Nationality Bai Nationality
Blang Ethnic Minority Buyi Nationality
Dai Ethnic People Daur Nationality
De Ang Ethnic Minority Dong Ethnic People
Drung Ethnic Nationality Ewenki Nationality
Gelo Nationality Han Nationality
Hani Ethnic Nationality Hezhe Nationality
Hui Nationality Jingpo Ethnic Minority
Korean Nationality Li Nationality
Lisus Ethnic Nationality Man Nationality
Maonan Nationality Miao Ethnic People
Moinba Nationality Mongolian Nationality
Naxi Nationality Nu Nationality
Oroqen Nationality Pumi Nationality
Qiang Minority Shui Nationality
Tibetan Ethnic Minority Tujia Nationality
Uygur Ethnic Minority Wa Nationality
Xibe Nationality Yao Ethnic People
Yi Nationality Zhuang Ethnic Nationality
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