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TOPChinese Tea

Tea is an important part of  Chinese culture. With social development and progress, tea not only has played an important role in economic terms, but also has become a necessity in people's lives. It has gradually developed into a resplendent tea culture and become a feature of the spiritual civilization of society.

As the tea culture of China has developed over many centuries, it has been an integral part of the process in developing an almost spiritual relationship with the people. While it not only displays and enhances the embodiment of a spiritual life, it is also beneficial in improving peoples appreciation of the many cultural accomplishments and raise the appreciation level of art in today's society.

TOPChinese Tea Categories

Chinese famous tea can be categorized into six main types: green tea, black tea, Wulong tea, compressed tea and jasmine tea.

TOPFamous Chinese Tea

West Lake Dragon Well: The Dragon Well tea has four qualities, color, fragrance, flavor and shape. Namely being emerald in color full of fragrance, sweet and refreshing in taste and in the shape of a sparrow's tongue. Read more

Dianhong : Dianhong has a tight, fat and bold appearance. The dried tea is black and gloomy with extremely obvious golden hair. The soup is brilliant and bright with fresh, thick and lasting fragrance and a refreshing taste. Read more

Pu'er Tea: Pu'er Tea has the many properties of reducing cholesterol , reducing weight, promoting digestion, sobering up and relieving internal heat, etc. After taking wine and meat, people often infuse a cup of Pu'er Tea to promote digestion, sober up and refresh themselves. Read more

TOPCustome of Drinking Tea

The custom of drinking tea has been continuing for thousands of years in China. It is customary to drink a cup of tea prior to or after a meal. In Chinese families, tea is also served to treat guests.  Read more

TOPChinese Tea Culture

Tea culture is an important part of Chinese traditional culture, which covers a wide field and is rich in content. It not only has the embodiment of spiritual civilization, but also the extension of ideological form. No doubt it is beneficial in enhancing the cultural accomplishment and level of art appreciation among the Chinese people. Read more

TOPChinese Tea Art

To the Chinese, tea making and drinking is an art form focused on taste and serving style. Read more


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