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Chengdu, (Jin or Rong for short), is the capital of southwestern China's Sichuan Province. It is located between the plateau and mountainous region in the northwest and the hilly land in the middle part of Sichuan province.

Chengdu enjoys a mild climate, with an annual average temperature of 60.8 F, and an abundant annual rainfall of about 1000 millimeters. The annual sunshine time is1,239 hours and the frost-free period is 300 days.

Chengdu is an old city with a history of over 2,000 years.  In contrast to most of China's other urban landscape, and despite the fast redevelopment, Chengdu has seccessfully  preserved  the atmosphere how one might imagine China have once been sometime in the past. Chengdu w... [ View Details ]

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Dujiangyan Irrigation Project

Dujiangyan Irrigation Project 3-star

 The Doujiangyan Irrigation Project, although completed over 2,000 years ago, is in perfect working order to this day. Presently it functions not only as a fl... [ View Details ]

Giant Panda Breeding and Research Centre

Giant Panda Breeding and Research Center 3-star

The Giant Panda Breeding Research Base is located on the mountain of Futoushan in the northern suburbs of Chengdu. The Giant Panda Museum is a unique site set up to show Panda related col... [ View Details ]

Du Fu Cottage

Thatched Cottage of Dufu 3-star

A Brief History

Du Fu (his real name - though alternatively spelled Tu Fu - not an artist's pseudonym) was a renowned poet by the time he was exiled to Chengdu from Gansu Province just ... [ View Details ]

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Giant Panda Breeding and Research Center is in Chengdu.

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