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If you’ve seen Beijing and Shanghai and want to explore another big Chinese city, think about going to Wuhan. The capital of Hubei province is a huge political, economic and cultural hub – the biggest financial, industrial and commercial center in Central China.

The geography of Wuhan is pretty special. It is actually three cities in one. Originally Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang were individual towns, which were eventually amalgamated to make ‘Wuhan Three Towns’. The Yangtze and Hanjing Rivers separate the three parts. Wuchang is the cultural and educational area, boasting several colleges and universities. Hankou is the commercial district and Hanyang is where a lot of major development is happening.

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Wuhan East Lake

East Lake Park 2-star

The East Lake is vast and meandering. It's surrounded by green mountains. The whole park is divided into six scenic areas: the Tingtao Scenic Area, the Moshan Scenic Area, the Luoyan Scenic Area,... [ View Details ]

A tower in Guiyuan Temple

Guiyuan Buddist Temple 2-star

As one of the four biggest Buddhist temples in Hubei Province, the Guiyuan Temple is very famous in wuhan. It was originally built by a monk named Bai Guang in 1658. It was named up... [ View Details ]

A bronze stoneware

Hubei Provincial Museum 2-star

One of Wuhan’s most famous and impressive attractions is the Hubei Provincial Museum. Standing by the beautiful East Lake, it was opened in 1956 to showcase some of Hubei’s incredible a... [ View Details ]

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