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Huangshan City is named after Huangshan (Yellow Mountain).  It is a mountainous region with "Eight Mountains, a wide river and plains for farming". It is located in the south of Anhui Province. Huangshan Municipality has jurisdiction over three districts-Yunxi, Huangshan and Huizhou, four countries-Shexian, Xiuning, Yixian and Qimen, and the Scenic Spots at Huangshan.

Huangshan is famous for its "four wonders": odd-shaped pines, grotesque rocks, the sea of clouds and the hot springs.  When visitors arrive at the mountain, they step into a beautiful fairyland. The ancient Chinese used the following sentence to describe the experience: a visit to other mountains is not necessary after you have visited the Yellow Mountain. ... [ View Details ]

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Yellow Mountain in snow

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A mountain famous for its beauty.

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