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Qingdao is situated at the foot of Lao Shan Mountain and on the shore of the Yellow Sea. Its climate is pleasant and its scenic spots are very beautiful. Qingdao is a famous garden city in China and its coast has many lovely inlets. Qingdao's architecture presents a characteristic European style and is very harmonious on the whole. Red roof tiles, green trees, azure seas and blue skies mirror the beautiful manner of Qingdao. Its crimson reefs, gentle waves, colorful sailing boats and golden beaches help to make up the beautiful scenery. Qingdao's history, religion, natural conditions, native customs and its festivals constitute the city's tourism culture. There are also some old buildings where famous figures in China's modern history once lived. The city's construction on the whole is ... [ View Details ]

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Qingdao International Beer Town

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Mount Laoshan

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4-star lavender0108 Says:
  2008-3-18 3:39:00
A picturesque seashore city, Qingdao will make you linger on with on thought of leaving.

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