10 2 3 4 5 A General''''s Statue in Chibi Ancient Battlefield A hotel in the old street of Tunxi a kind of local food A panoramic view of Turtle Hill A panoramic view of Yangtze River Bridge Abakh Khoja Tomb Aftershock hits Yingxiu Ancient Chinese Architecture Ancient City Wall Ancient House ancient street Ancient Town ancient village Anhui Anyang Henan Province apples Are they attractive? Go to Panxi Restaurant! area Art Museum artcraft Arts and Crafts Artwork Asia Europe Continet Geographical Center Asian Gams Village Atrs and Crafts attractions Auditorium Baby Baby Slow Shaking Bar Badaling Great Wall Bai Ethnic Villages Bai house Bailu Zhou Islet Park Baisha baisha grandma naxi yunnan baisha yunnan Baiyanggou Baiyun Mountain Baked Pie Balikun Lake Banck of China tower Baoguang temple Baoshan Baoshan Yunnan bar Bars Batik Battik Beacon Tower on the Silk Road Bean Starch beefsteak beer Beidai River beihai Beihai Silver Beach Beihai Weizhou Island Beijing Beijing China Beijing 2008 Olympics Beijing attractions Beijing China Beijing Cloisonne Beijing Food Beijing forbidden city Beijing Hutong Beijing market Beijing Olympic Beijing opera Beijing Paralympic Beijing Photos Beijing Roast Duck Beijing roasted duck Beijing Travel Beijing University Beijinng Olympic Bell Big Banyan Tree Big Goose Pagoda Birds watching Black Dragon Pool boat bobbing Botanical Garden bottle bottles Boutique brewery buddha buffalo buffet hotpot building Bund of Shanghai Bungee Jumping Bweijing Cafe Caiwobao Lake Caixiangyuan Camel in Erdaoqiao Bazzar Cangshan mountain cantaloupe Cantaloupe No.2 Canton Cantonese Cuisine Caonuan Park Catwalk Cave Cave dwelling Celebrating Ceramic Chair Mao Changchun Changchun Taoist Temple Changsha Characteristic food in Erdaoqiao Bazzar Chengde Chengdu Chengdu Sichuan Chibi Ancient Battlefield China China earhquake China earthqake China earthquake China Folk Culture Village China Gate China Giant Panda China Hongkong China old village China pagoda China Taoist Mountain China tower China travel china wine chinaware chinese Chinese Architecture Chinese Army Chinese art Chinese bridge Chinese culture Chinese dumpling Chinese Dumplings Chinese ethnic group Chinese Ethnic Groups Chinese ethnic people Chinese farmer Chinese festival Chinese flag Chinese Food Chinese garden Chinese Girl Chinese Kung Fu Chinese Kungfu Chinese Lady Chinese lantern Chinese Market chinese people Chinese religions Chinese Tea Chinese Teacher''''s Day Chinese wine Chinese Women Chinese Yao Ethnic people Chinesze lantern Chong_An_Jiang Chongqing Christians Ciqikou City City of Rocks City wall Confluence Confucius Temple Conghua Cormorant fishing countryside woman crested ibis Crusty Pancake Cuihu Lake Cuo Yuzi Daguan Park Daguan Tower Dali Dali Ancient Town Dali Erhai Lake Dali town Dali Yunnan Dalian Dance dark beer Datang Datong Datong foods Datong food Datong foods Datong nightlife Datong nights Datong shopping Datong sights desert destination of Kun Ming Dingdang Rabit Dinosaur direction DJ Do you want to have a taste of it? Dongba Museum Dongtai Lu Antique Market Double Ninth Festival Double Trees Shopping Street Dr. Sun-Yat-sen''''s Mausoleum Dragon boat festival Dragon Boat Racing Drepung Monastery dressage Duanhuang dumpling Dunhuang Earthquake hits China Earthquake jolts area near Lhasa eaten only by hands eating Egg Tart Eighth Route Army Elephant Trunk Hill Emei Mountain Emerald Island Emperors entrance equestrian equine Erdaoqiao Bazaar Erdaoqiao Bazzar Erhai Lake Eryuan Ethinic Woman Ethnic festival ethnic people Ethnic Village Everyone who has tasted it will never forgets it! father Festival film set first emperor Fish Eating sheep Fisherman Five Immortals flag flok paiting Flower Flowers Food Street Forbidden City Forest Park Fubo Hill Fujian Fulidao Gandan Monastery Gansu Gantong Temple Ganzhou Soap Gaochang Ruins Garden Gate General General China General temple Giant Panda Girl girls Glutinous Rice Duck Gnasu Goose Grand Spectacles of The World Grape Valley Grapes Great Cross Business Street Great Wall Great Wall of China Great wall pass Great Wall Section Greatl Wall Green park Grilled Fish Grottoes Guaangzhou Guangxi Guangzhou Guangzhou flower Guangzhou market Guangzhou Zoo Guansu Guilin Guilin Ancient Town Guilin Attraction Guangxi Guilin Attractions Guangxi Guilin Attractions Guangxi Guilin cave Guilin China Guilin Dragon Boat Race Guilin Guangxi Guilin Hotel Guilin lakes Guilin Li River guilin museum Guilin Park Guangxi Guilin show Guilin Sihgts Guilin Yangshuo Guiling sights Guiyang Guiyuan Buddhist Temple Guizhou Guizhou Travel Gulangyu Island Guyuan Haikou Hainan Hainan Airline Hall halloween Han Dynasty Hanghzou Hanging Monastery Hangzhou Hangzhou temple Hangzhou West Lake Hanshan temple Haoqingxiang Restaurant Harbin Harbin shopping Harbin foods Harbin life Harbin nightlife Harbin shopping Harbin Sights Health Hebei Hefei Heilongjiang Hellochina Henan Henan Opera hengdian Hengshan Hengshan Road Hepu herb Herbs Hetian foods Hetian nightlife Hetian shopping Hetian sights Hiking trip Hong Kong Hong Kong Church Hong Kong Disneyland Park Hong Kong Garden Hong Kong museum Hong Kong Park Hong Kong Shopping Hong Kong Stanley Hong Kong Temple Hongcun Ancient Village Honghe Yunnan Hongkong Hongkong Food Hongshan Hongshan Park horse Horse Race Hot and Dry Noodles in Wuhan Hot and Dry Noodles of Wuhan Hot pot hot spring Houses of Bai People in Xizhou Hu tong Huang Shan Mountain Huanghuagang Huanglong Huangpu Huangpu Military Academy Huangpu River Huangpu River Cruise Huangshan Huangshan sights Hubei Hubei Provincial Museum Hui Cuisine Hunan Hutong Idgar Mosque Impression Liusanjie Inner Mongolia Inner Mongolia Inner Mongolia Restaurant Internatioanl Grand Bazzar International Grand Bazaar It is a delicious dish in Turpan. It is a famous dish in China. It is a famous dish in Turpan. It is a traditional dish. It is a traditional snack in Turpan. It is a traditional snack in Xinjiang. It is a well known dish in Xinjiang. It is loved by locals very much. It is loved by lots of Chinese people. It is one of its branches. It is popular in Xinjiang. It is really delicious. It is valuable and rare dish of a banquet. It likes an ancient palace. Italian Pizza It''''s the main restaurant. jackjchang@hotmail.com Jade Jade Buddha Temple Jade Carving Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Jaiyuguan Foods Jiangjin Popcorn Sugar Jiangxi Jiangxi Wanzai Jiaohe Ruins Jiayuguan Jiayuguan Foods Jiayuguan shopping Jiayuguan sights Jiayujian foods Jiayujian shopping Jiayujian sights Jilin Jinan Jingdezhen Jingpo Lake Jinhua Jinli Jinxi ancient town Jinyun Jiujiang Jiuquan Jiuzhaigou Jiuzhaigou Lake jiuzhaigou water fall JIuzhaigou Waterfall Jizhaigou Jizu mountain Jokhang Temple jump Kai Feng Henan Province Kaili Kaiwei Beer House Karakuli Lake Karamayi Karamayi foods Karamayi nightlife Karamayi nightlife Karamayi shopping Karamayi sights Karez well Kashgar Kazakhstan Border Kelamayi foods Kelamayi sights kids Kongfu Korean Temporary Government Kumul Kumul Embroider Kungming kungming sights Kunming kunming food Kunming foods Kunming nightlife kunming seights Kunming shopping Kunming sight kunming sights Kunming sughts Kunming West Hill Kunming Yunnan Lafuquke Ancient Town Lai Walnut Cake Lake Lamb kebabs landscape Langde Lanpu Lanzhou Lead dancer Learning Chinese Leishan Leshan Chengdu Leshan Giant Buddha Leye Lhasa Lhasa Tibet Li River Li River Cruise Liaoning Lie Ba Lijiang Lijiang Ancient Town Lijiang Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Lijiang town Lijiang Waterfall Hotel Lijiang Yunnan Lincang Yunnan Ling Canal Liu Tower Liuhua Lake Longji Terraced Field Guilin Longji Terraced Field Guilin Longshen Guilin Longsheng Lotus Hill Luanshijiaren Music Bar Luhu Luobulinka Luoping Luoyang Luoyang Sights M Bar Macau Maglev train Mangrove map Mark Market martyr masks Matang Mausoleum of Kumul Uygur Kings Mayuan Merryland Miao ethnic people mid-autumn festival Midundao Military academy Milk tea Mingsha Mountain in Hami Minle Garlic minority mist of Green Lake Park Mochou Lake Park Modern Chinese Architecture Monument Mother Mount Tai Mout Tianzhu Mr. Emei Mr.Emei Mt. Emei Mt. Hengshan Museum Mutianyu Great Wall Nadam Grass Festival Nanhai Temple Nanjing Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge Nanning Nanxun Nanyue Nanzhao Culture Town Nanzhao Love Island National Day National Park natural wonder navy Naxi Naxi ethnic people new concept of Sichuan Cuisine news NeZha Night cruise night market Night View Ningxia niu street Nningxia No.1 Glacier noble and elegant dinning atmosphere nocturne Noddles Noodles Noodles with Soy Sauce Nujiang Yunnan ocean Ocean World odd news Odd Story old man Old Street in Tunx Old Town Old Village Olympic Park Olympic torch relay one of cave One of corner one of the corner orchid Oriental Paradise Oriental Pearl of Shanghai pagoda Painting Panda Panmen Gate Pantuo City Panyu paper-cut Park Peach Blossom Garden Tea Bar Pearl Rive Pearl River Peasant Peasant Block Print in Qijian County Piba pickled vegetable Pictures Pingshan Pingyao Pit Potala Palace Potala Tibet Pray Precious Stone Mountain Preserved Mutton Presidential Palace Prospect Pulled Noodle Purple Golden Mountain Observatory Putuozongcheng Temple Qiannan Qiannan.Guizhou Qing Hai Qingbi Creek Qingdao Qinghai Qinghai Lake Qinghai Travel Qinghai-Tibet Qinghuangdao Qinhuangdao Qixia mountain Ququ Rain Flower Terrace (Yuhuatai) Rassling Red Cliff religious temple Restaurant Rice terrace riding river Roast Lamb Roasted Whole Lamb Rock Cave of Lion Pass Rock Climbing Rongbuk Monastery roof Round Roof Coffe Sacred Heart Cathedral Sanya scene of Green Lake Park sea Seven Star Park Guilin Shaanxi Shandong Shanghai Shanghai ancient town Shanghai Attractions Shanghai auto Shanghai Beach Shanghai China Shanghai church Shanghai garden Shanghai Island Shanghai Museum Shanghai Nightlife Shanghai old street Shanghai Port Shanghai Shopping Shanghai sights Shanghai Square Tower Shanghai Temple Shanjiang Hechuan Peach Slices Shankou Shanxi Shanxi Mosque Shaolinsi Sharon''''s Cafe Shenyang Shenyang Food Shenzhen Shenzhou VII Shifo Shigatse Tibet Shijiazhuang ships Shopping Show Sichuan Sichuan Cuisine Sichuan Earthquake Sichuan Food sight sights of Green Lake Park sign Silk Road Simao Yunnan Simatai simple gate singing and dancing Singing and dancing show Sister Day Sites of Taihe City of Nanzhao Sjhanghai Sliced Boiled Chicken Small Glutinous Rice Dumplings in chongqing Snake Wine Some of them are yellow. son Song Ching Ling Sourthern Pasture South Putuo Temple Souvenir Splendid China Spring Spring Festival Square Stage Stewed Rice With Various Fixing Stuff Stone Forest stout student Summer Palace Sun Yatsen Sun Zhongshan Sunner Palace Sunset on Emerald Island Suspending monastery Suzhoiu Suzhou Suzhou Garden Swallow Rock(Yanzi Ji) Ta xi la pukai market table tai chi Taiji Taiqing Hall of Changchun Taoist Temple Taiyuan Tang Paradise Tangfeichang Taoran House tapestry Tea Tea House teacher teachers Temple Temple Fair Temple of Heaven Teppanyaki terra cotta Terra cotta army Terraced fields terracotta army Terracotta warriors The baked Baozi is a traditional food in Xinjiang. the birds of Green Lake Park The bridge on Ink Lake The cherry blossom in Wuhan University the crystal water of Green Lake Park The fobidden city The folk ceremony before the Dragon Boat Race The folk ceremony before the Dragon Bost Race the landscape of kunming the logo of Grandma Bridge Restaurant The Luojia Mountain the scene of Fuxian Lke the scene of yunnan the scenery of Fuxian Lake the scenery of yunnan the sightseiing of yunnan The soup is divided into two parts. theme park They seem like dumplings sometimes. This is the main restaurant. Three braized dishes of Xiaotao Three Gorges Three Gorges Dam Three Gorges Trip Three Pagodas Tiananmen Tianchi Lake Tianjin Tianjin food Tianjin snack Tianma Wholesale Market Tianshan Scenic Area Tianshui tianshui yuan teahouse Tianyuan Commercial Hall Tibet Tibet railway Tibet Train Tibetan Medicine Tiger Hill Tiger leaping gorge Tomb of Gaisi Tongjing torch relay Town Tradition and Custom Traditional Chinese Medicine Traditions and Custom Tsinghua University tsingtao Tuanxi tunxi-ancient-street Turpan Turpan Xinjiang Turupan Tuyugou Valley umbrella Urumqi Victoria Harbor Village Visa walnut cake Water buffaloes Water Paradise waterfall West Lake Western Han Dynasty white Grapes White Stone Scenic Area wine World Heritage in China Woven Wudang Mountain Wuhan Wushan Wuwei Wuxi Wuxian Guan Wuyi Mountain Wuyuan Xiahe xiamen Xiamen University Xian Xi''an Xian Shaanxi Xi''an Shaanxi xian alley Xian Ancient City Wall Xian Attraction Shaanxi Xian Food Xian Shaanxi Xi''an Shaanxi Xian Shannxi Xian Snacks Xian street Xiangjiang Xianmen xicheng coffee shop Xiguan Xijiang Xining Xining in Qinghai Xining in Qinghai Province Xinjiang Xinjiang Autonomous Museum Xinjiang Big-Plate Chicken Xinjiang nightlife Xinjiang sights Xishuangbanna Xishuangbanna Yunnan Xiyuan Garden Xuanwu Lake Yalong Bay Yangshuo Yangshuo ancient town Yangshuo river Yangshuo west street Yangtze Bridge Yangtze Cruise Yangtze River Yangtze River Bridge Yangtze River Bridge at senset Yantai Yao Ethnic People Yaopeople Yelloe Mountain food Yellow Crane Tower Yellow Mountain Yellow Mountain food Yellow Mountain nightlife Yellow Mountain shopping Yellow Mountain sights Yellow Mountains Yellow Moutain Yellow Wine Yichang Yili Yinchuan Yingchuan Yining Grassland Yonghe Lama Temple Yuantong Temple Yuer Garden Yuexiu Yuexiu Park Yunan Yungang grottoes Yunnan Yuyuan Garden Zapata''''s Zhan Yuan Garden Zhangjiajie Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Zhangye Zhaojun Restaurant Zhejiang Zhejiang cuisine Zhengzhou Henan Province Zhenhai Tower Zhong Enlai Zhongaiyisheng Zhongdian Yunnan zhongshan road Zhongshan Road Business Street Zhongwei Zhoucheng Town Zhoukou Henan Province Zhouzhuang Water Town

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