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Suzhou is one of the most important cities on the Yangtze Delta. The city covers an area of 8488 square kilometers with the urban area covering 1650 square kilometers. Suzhou has a population of 5.9097 million with 2.1687 million people living in the downtown area.

Suzhou was the cradle of culture for Wu State in ancient China, and produced many capable people in literary circles. Examples are Lu Ji from the Western Jin Dynasty, the politician Fan Zhongyan and the poet Fan Chengda in Song Dynasty, the dramatist Feng Menglong in Ming Dynasty, Tang Yin and Wen Zhengming of "Wu Painting School", scholars of the Qing Dynasty and Gu Yanwu, Yu Yue and Zhang Taiyan in modern times.

Story-telling and ballad singing, Kun verse and the drama of Suzhou are ref... [ View Details ]

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Canglang Pavilion

Canglang Pavilion 4-star

The Canglang Pavilion has the longest history and the deepest cultural connectation of all Suzhou gardens, as well as being listed for World Cultural Heritage.

During the fifth year of the ... [ View Details ]

Garden of Master of the Nets

Garden of Master of the Nets 4-star

It is the smallest of the Suzhou residential gardens and the most exquisite in design. The total area is only one sixth of that of Humble Administrator's Garden, but it is listed in... [ View Details ]

Humble Administrator Garden

Humble Administrator Garden 4-star

Located in northeast Suzhou, it is the largest private garden in the city. It's a more traditional "outdoors" garden with streams, ponds, bridges, and islands of bamboo forests. It was ... [ View Details ]

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