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Hangzhou is located along the southeast coast of China, in the north of Zhejiang Province, on the north bank of the lower reaches of the Qiantang River and the south tip of the Jing-Hang Grand Canal. It is the capital of Zhejiang Province and the political, economical, scientific education and cultural center of the whole province as well. Hangzhou is not only a key scenic tourism city and famous historic and cultural city, but also one of the six famous ancient capitals in our country (namely, Beijing, Xi'an, Luoyang, Kaifeng, Nanjing and Hangzhou). 

Hangzhou is always well-known in the world for its graceful sceneries. It has graceful landscapes and magical sights with a good reputation of "a paradise under the heaven". Su Dongpo, a great eminent writer in the S... [ View Details ]

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A picturesque city mentioned frequently in Chinese poets' works.

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