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Raise the red veil

Date: 2008-9-23 3:47:00 by leomagic Tags: Chinese culture

a group wedding of traditional Chinese style

20 couples attend a group wedding of traditional Chinese style at Fengjing Town in Shanghai, east China, September 20, 2008. In this photo a foreign bridegroom holds the bride in his arms during a group wedding of traditional Chinese style.

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Kabuki artist spins excellent Kunqu role

Date: 2008-5-8 22:06:00 by coconut Tags: Chinese culture


Chinese and Japanese artists are currently performing a rare blend of their countries' quintessential art-forms in Beijing.

The classic Kunqu play, "The Peony Pavilion," premiered at the Huguang Guild Hall on Tuesday. It featured veterans from the Suzhou Kunqu Opera House -- Kunqu being the oldest form of Chinese opera -- and revered Japanese Kabuki artist Tamasaburo Ba

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