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Nothing but 'blue skies' from now on

Date: 2008-8-19 22:19:00 by lavender0108 Tags: Beijing

Bird's Nest

Beijing is enjoying its cleanest air for 10 years and the blue skies are set to continue long after the Olympics, a top environment official said Tuesday.

On nine of the past 18 days the air was of the very highest quality, while on the others it was rated "fairly good", Du Shaozhong, deputy director of the Beijing environmental protection bureau, told a press conferenc

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Wangfujing snack street

Date: 2008-7-31 4:27:00 by baby Tags: Beijing

Wangfujing Snack Street

Photo taken on July 29, 2008 shows the night view of Wangfujing snack street in Beijing. In the past, the popular Beijing snacks used to be hawked at temple fairs or roadside bazaars. Traditional Beijing snack bars have emerged in streets and lanes of the old city in recent years.

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Beijing sky gets bluer as pollution controls pay off

Date: 2008-6-23 1:35:00 by cactus Tags: Beijing

Beijing's Blue Sky

The Chinese capital had 115 "blue sky" days, with fairly good air quality, between January 1 and Wednesday.

The number of "blue sky" days was 12 more than the same period last year, according to the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau.

It was a clear sign that years of anti-pollution efforts by the Olympic host city continue to pay

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