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An Indian tourist in China By N.N.Sachitanand

Date: 2008-10-19 22:55:00 by chinatravelservice Tags: China travel

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It was 2004 , two years after my retirement. My wife and I , both inveterate travelers, had already done the usual round of the Indian outbound tourist - U.S.A., U.K., Western Europe, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Bali etc. We considered a number of new places to visit .

"How about China ?" suggested my son . " You can get to see the glor

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Worried Safety

Date: 2008-8-15 3:46:00 by nancy Tags: China travel

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The mustiness was a bit much to expect when the room cost a proverbial arm and leg in this Old District of Beijing. For the equivalent of about twenty dollars, I was expecting an embedded plasma TV, king size bed and a satanicly hot heating system.

What I got instead was an aged Samsung tube, an undersized bed and a non-working electric heater that connected to a wall outlet; the wires

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Mystery Meals

Date: 2008-7-28 4:29:00 by lovechina Tags: China travel

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I'd been here all but two nights: Well, really two nights and one full day. So far, I'd had no idea what the heck I've swallowed, digested or let out. It all pretty much was a mystery. Allow me to go further.

After leaving one of the many pre-paid squatter bathrooms—housed in communal facilities—I headed out for an early dinner. Early in China being seven rather than ni

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Dinner with Shawn

Date: 2008-4-21 22:18:00 by Chris Tags: China travel

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Although I've been a vegetarian for over ten years, I started to eat fish once I came to China. The health benefits of fish are undeniable, but it was never my favorite kind of food. What I dislike the most are the bones. Nothing is worse than biting into a fillet littered with hundreds of tiny, sharp bones. The Chinese have got me licked on this one. When it comes to things like fish bones, se

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The Scarlet O'Hara

Date: 2008-4-21 22:06:00 by Chris Tags: China travel

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As a traveler and life long student of communication, I am particularly fascinated with, as well as reliant upon, the power of non-verbal communication. I cannot overemphasize how helpful gestures can be when you are lost or confused, and the language barrier is proving to be greater than you can surmount. Allow me, if you will, to demonstrate one particular gesture which the Chinese are partic

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