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The Pagoda Seekers

Date: 2008-4-7 20:46:00 by Flier Tags: China train travel

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China is a country of paradoxes. Nothing can really prepare the average, self-respecting foreigner for the reality of modern China. I'm currently sitting on a hard seat in a double-decker train berth between a young woman studying Korean and an older gentleman whose tattered brown leisure suit and threadbare navy polo shirt give away his meagre income. Around us sit the average people of

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Train Ride in China

Date: 2008-4-6 22:38:00 by carl Tags: China train travel

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After some shoving and elbow jabbing, we boarded our train in Beijing, bound for Kunming, the capital on Yunnan province in southern China. We'd booked sleeping berths, but finding them presented a problem. Apparently we'd boarded the wrong carriage. We pushed through a fray of people and disembarked. After tracking down a conductor, he informed us that we'd been on the right car from

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Train Travel from Yichang to Beijing

Date: 2008-3-18 22:55:00 by chinatravelservice Tags: China train travel

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A hot June Saturday (2006), and we were sitting in the welcome cool of the waiting room at the railway station in Yichang.  We had just finished a wonderful 3-day cruise down the Yangtze aboard the Qianlong (improbably shaped like a dragon, but a comfortable and entertaining ship.  Qianlong claims to be 5*, which is stretching it a bit, but she's certainly worth 4, and our fellow-pass

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