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Bird's Nest-ing

Date: 2008-10-19 8:12:00 by jamon919 Tags: Olympics Beijing China sports athletics Bir''''''''''''''''s nest stadium

Stairway to heaven

The magnificent bird’s nest stadium loomed into view as the cab sped into the central Olympic cluster comprising of the national stadium, the national aquatics centre, a few other smaller Olympic venues and the enormous Olympic green park. Yet, as soon as the magnificent stadium made its entr

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Date: 2008-10-7 2:43:00 by chinawander Tags: Shanhaiguan The Great Wall of China China Qing Dynasty

no photos

Four years ago I stood on the Great Wall of China at its eastern most point at Shanhaiguan and learned a lot about walls in just a few moments. I learned that the backbone of an empire can be created by a wall, but that the same creation can destroy everything that the wall was ever meant to stand for. As I looked out at the Bohai Sea from "The Old Dragon's Head" in Shanhaiguan

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The World of Tsingtao

Date: 2008-9-29 9:00:00 by meganeaves Tags: tsingtao Qingdao China beer brewery

Soy sauce beer

Traveling in China during the May holiday is absolute mayhem. No one can get anywhere because everything is crammed full of people exercising their one week’s worth of annual vacation to go home and see their families. Going to Qingdao was the real purpose of my May holiday trip. We went to Yantai first as a detour with guaranteed lodging since,

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24 Hours in Zhejiang Province

Date: 2008-9-29 8:57:00 by meganeaves Tags: Zhejiang hollywood China film set bored Train Hangzhou

Film set directions

Having a rare common weekend off, my American friend and I opted to travel to a place we'd heard a lot about. Hengdian is supposedly the Hollywood of China, and we even went so far as to check

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Pumpkin Masks and Cat Ears

Date: 2008-9-29 8:57:00 by meganeaves Tags: China halloween mask costume

Bobbing for apples

Pumpkin Masks and Cat Ears 

During the month of October, I taught my students about Halloween. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a total sucker for spooky stuff, costumes, and any kind of Halloween and/or autumn-related festivities. To boot, Halloween is all-but

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