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Bird's Nest-ing

Date: 2008-10-19 8:12:00 by jamon919 Tags: Olympics Beijing China sports athletics Bir''''''''''''''''s nest stadium

Stairway to heaven

The magnificent bird’s nest stadium loomed into view as the cab sped into the central Olympic cluster comprising of the national stadium, the national aquatics centre, a few other smaller Olympic venues and the enormous Olympic green park. Yet, as soon as the magnificent stadium made its entr

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Olympic Sands

Date: 2008-10-19 8:04:00 by jamon919 Tags: Olympics Beijing beach volleyball chaoyang

Swedish-Chinese wannabe

“It's starting soon! Come on!”


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Summer Palace in Beijing

Date: 2008-10-15 3:11:00 by gina Tags: Beijing

Summer Palace in Beijing

The Summer Palace, in the Haidian District, northwest of central Beijing, is said to be the best preserved imperial garden in the world, and the largest of its kind still in existence in modern China. It’s hardly surprising that, during the hot Beijing summers, the Imperial Family preferred the beautiful gardens and airy pavilions of the Summer Palace to the walled-in Forbidden City

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Beijing, Xian and Yangtze Cruise

Date: 2008-9-28 1:28:00 by lucia Tags: Beijing Xian


We were walking downtown Xian. It's so hot you could fry rice on the pavement, which only intensified every dirty, rotten smell, which managed to emanate from every building and alley you passed. The odors were enough to gag you. Running from each building under a grate in the sidewalk, is a drain with god only knows what it contains. Hope you have a visualization . . . . .

As we steppe

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Summer Palace, markets, noodles, and the hutongs

Date: 2008-9-3 22:42:00 by chinatravelservice Tags: Beijing

Kanye at the markets

Waking up a bit earlier, but still not too early, my first venue of the day is the Summer Palace. Henry's got school, Dan-Dan couldn't be bothered as she's seen it many times, Josh seems dead in his slumbers, and Nicky decides that she is actually going to teach her classes today, so I'm on my own for this one. Now, if you thought yesterday's names were intriguing, todays were downrig

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