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Hong Kong is often called the "Oriental Pearl", deriving it's name from the Xiangjiang River. The two Chinese characters in the name "Xiang" and "Gang" together mean the "Fragrant Harbor". Hong Kong was originally the name of the small settlement of present day Aberdeen. It was an important fishing and transit port before the colonial period. Some historians say that its Chinese name was derived from the fragrant incense that frequently wafted around the waterways.

With an area of 1,110sq.km, Hong Kong consists of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, The New Territories and a group of 263 islands. Located on the southeast coastline of China, it is to the east of the mouth of Pearl River and about 200 km away from Guangzhou city, faces Maca... [ View Details ]

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Gorgeous night scene of Victoria Harbor

Victoria Peak 5-star

Victoria Peak is the highest peak in Hong Kong Island with an altitude of 554 meters and has been considered as a landmark of the island.  

It is the best spot to have a bird's eye vi... [ View Details ]

Aberdeen Bay

Aberdeen 5-star

Aberdeen Bay maintains the characteristic of a traditional fishing village of the 1800s. The village is still the home for hundreds of fishermen. Fishing boats ranging from the traditional Chinese ... [ View Details ]

Lantau Island

Lantau Island 5-star

The physical feature of Lantau Mountain is with high elevation on southwest and low one on northeast. Its main peak, Phoenix Mountain has an altitude of 935 meters, which is the s... [ View Details ]

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