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Chongqing hot pot
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Chongqing Hotpot has long been the symbol of Chongqing's food culture. The most famous thing in Chongqing is the hotpot. Spicy and hot, Chongqing Hotpot can be regarded as the wonder of Chinese food. Chongqing Hotpot is mainly divided into two kinds-one is red soup and the other is clear soup. The red soup is mainly characterized by being spicy, delicious and fragrant, while the clear soup is mainly characterized by light color and delicious taste. Yuanyang Hotpot is the combination of these two kinds of soup. Namely, the hotpot is divided into two parts by an s-shaped metal slice and forms a pattern of Taiji. The colors of the two parts are distinct, with a half white and a half red. Chongqing Hotpot can use many ingredients as materials. "Hun" (meat or fish diet) can be taken from poultry, domestic animal, viscera organ and aquatic products. Almost all vegetables can be used as the vegetable dish. As for oil dish, Chongqing people like to mix castor oil with crushed garlic. It has the function of clearing away heat and can make the hotpot more delicious. In Chongqing, you can have hotpot in every season. It's perfectly justifiable to eat it in winter, but the hotpot business is more flourishing in summer. Famous hotpot restaurants in Chongqing are listed as below.

Recommended Restaurants : Tanyingxiong Hotpot Restaurant

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