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Guilin is regarded in China as the country's most picturesque city. Two crystal-clear rivers meander through the city, which is encircled by mountains with unusual & bizarre rock formations and caves. 

Movements of the earths crust took place about 180 million years ago thrusting the limestone sediments out of the sea bottom more than 200 meters below the surface to form a large expanse of land. The karst formation became the hills and rocks with unusual shapes through many years of erosion by the wind and rain. There are many complete karst (Limestone sites), which are of high scientific value and tourist value.

Karst caves and stone forests are a feature the natural environment of Guilin. The altitude is 140-160 meters. Guilin is in subtropical and monsoon zon... [ View Details ]

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The highlights of the Li River can be seen along the 84km waterway from Guilin to Yangshuo. Pinnacles covered in deep foliage (shrouded in mist on rainy days), clear water, deep ponds, dangerous sh... [ View Details ]

Longji Terraced Field in Guilin

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Reed Flute Cave

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Located 5 kilometers northwest of Guilin city, the Reed Flute Cave is located highway up the Guangming Hill (Bright Hill). It gets the name from the reeds used for making flutes and pipes that gro... [ View Details ]

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Guilin is a small but nice city

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