Baiqie Chicken (sliced boiled chicken), Guangzhou4-star

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Sliced Boiled Chicken
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Baiqie chicken is the simple one in Cantonese chicken cooking without adding any other flavor except boiled water. It tastes fresh and light, marinating the best original taste of chicken. The method of making it is easy. It is just well cooked but not mushy, retaining the original flavor. Firstly, choose local chicken below one kilogram and clear out. Then cook it in boiling water for fifteen minutes. During the course of it, raise the chicken twice. Cool it in the water subsequently. When the epidermis of the cooked chicken is dry, mix with cooked peanut oil. When you eat it, match ginger and green onion and sprinkle cooked peanut oil. Baiqie chicken’s skin is tasty and refreshing and the chicken meat is not greasy or strongly flavored. Famous Baiqie chicken of Panxi Restaurant was received the Golden Tripod of high quality production by Department of Commerce. In addition, Qingping Chicken is also one kind of Baiqie chicken.

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5-starunclechina Says:
" 2008-5-28 5:02:00
Very Tender

4-starNiceman Says:
" 2008-4-28 2:51:00
Nice food

5-starCoca Says:
" 2008-4-23 22:11:00
Great flavor

i want to comment


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