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Kashgar is a remote desert oasis in "another world".  The region is completely different than any other part of China in tradition, costume and lifestyle. The western most city of China is the solo outpost of civilization from the vast Taklmakan Desert to the Karakorun Mountains.

According to historical records, over 2100 years ago written by the Han general, Zhanggian, bazaars had already been established. Zhang called these bazaars "Sule".   The general of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Ban Chao, camped here taking advantage of this ideal location during his mission to conquer the smaller states.  During the heyday of the Tang Dynasty, Kashgar was one of the four famous towns outside the Hexi Corridor. The monk Tang Xuanzang passed Kashgar on ... [ View Details ]

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Abakh Khoja Tomb

Abakh Khoja Tomb 4-star

Being a typical Islamic ancient building complex, Apahuojia tomb together with tomb of Xiang imperial concubine is located in Haohan village. It was first built in 1640 or so. It is said that alt... [ View Details ]

Bosikeramu Fruits Garden

Fruits Garden 4-star

The Bosikeramu Fruits Garden, located inside th Bosikeramu Village 14 kilometers northeast of Kashgar city, is the largest in the region.
It takes up roughly an area of 70 acres. There are m... [ View Details ]

Kashgar Old Town

Kashgar Old Town 4-star

Kashgar is sited west of Taklamkan Desert at the feet of the Tianshan mountain range and is a oasis.

On a high precipice of yellow soil in the southeast of old city Kashgar there is a sm... [ View Details ]

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5-star happybirthday Says:
  2008-4-24 4:08:00
A nice place I recommend to everyone

3-star lavender0108 Says:
  2008-3-18 2:43:00
It is realy a magnificent city

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