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Leshan Travel Guide, Travel in Leshan
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Leshan (literally: "happy mountain"), formerly called Jiazhou, is located in the southwestern part of the Sichuan Basin – also called the Red Basin – in Sichuan Province. The basin lies at 500m above sea level – and as low as 200m in some places – while the mountain plateau (the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau) lies at roughly 5000m, with foothills beginning at 1000 meters' height. The basin's main river is the Yangtse, which originates, like the other rivers of the area, in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau region (for a better historical and topological grasp of Sichuan Province itself – it is a fascinating area – check out "Sichuan Overview" and "Sichuan History" in the Site Search field).

Leshan City proper spans roughly... [ View Details ]

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Leshan Giant Buddha 3-star

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Emei Mountain 3-star

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3-star kitty Says:
  2008-5-13 5:02:00
The Giant Buddha is great

3-star kitty Says:
  2008-5-13 5:02:00
The Giant Buddha is great

3-star kitty Says:
  2008-5-13 5:02:00
The Giant Buddha is great

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