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Jiayuguan Travel Guide, Jiayuguan attractions, Trips to Jiayuguan
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Jiayuguan City, with a history of more than 600 years, is an important city of tourism on the ancient Silk Road. It used to be an important pass in ancient times.

In Ming Dynasty, Jiayuguan Pass was built up and the pass was composed of defensive walls, gates and army camps. It was not easy to build such a grand pass with the simple construction facilities at that time.  So many workers were employed for the construction work. And many stories concerning the construction of the pass have passed down and some of them are still popular with the local people.

Now the ancient pass has been expanded into a modern city.  It is rich in tourism resources: the well-known Jiayuguan Pass, the suspended section of the Great Wall, the beacon tower relics, the Museum of the ... [ View Details ]

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