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Xi'an, anciently known as Chang'an (meaning "eternal peace"), is the capital of Shaanxi Province and the biggest city in the northwest of China. It boasts a mild climate, fertile soil, beautiful scenery, abundant products, and numerous historical relics and sites.

Extending 116 kilometers from north to south, and 204 kilometers from east to west, Xi'an covers an area of 9,983 square kilometers (including the urban area of 1066 square kilometers), with nine districts and four counties under its jurisdiction.  According to the 2003 census, it has a population of 7,160,000.

Xi'an has a long history. An old saying in China tells the unique position of this legendary city: "If you want to see China of 100 years ago, visit Shanghai; China of 500 years ago, ... [ View Details ]

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Xi'an City Wall

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Bell Tower

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Erected in 1380, the Drum Tower is the counterpart of the Bell Tower, which is 300 meters to the southeast.  Like the Bell Tower, the Drum tower was used to tell time. An enormous d... [ View Details ]

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Tai Chi

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  2008-9-27 9:41:00
Tai Chi..

5-star Thomas Says:
  2008-7-2 20:44:00
Xian is a window to CHina's andient civilization

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