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Datong City, located in the north of Shanxi Province, is one of the famous historic and cultural cities in China. In the ancient times, Datong was a military stronghold, holding out the hordes that frequently pushed south from Mongolia. Nowadays, it is an important base of energy resources and heavy & chemical industry in China, well known as a “coal capital” for its abundance of coal.

Datong, endowed with rich tourist resources, boasts unique natural landscape and historic sites, some of which are listed among the best of China:

Yungang Grottoes-one of the four famous grottoes in China;Hengshan Mountain- one of the five famous mountains in China;Datong Nine-Dragon Screen Wall— the biggest dragon screen wall in China ... [ View Details ]

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Yungang grottoes

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Yungang Grottoes, carved out of sandstone cliffs during 453-493 and now stretching 1,000 meters continuously from the east to the west, are one of the four famous grotto complexes... [ View Details ]

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