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Puppet Emperors Palace
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Jilin, short for Jilinwula, means along the Songhua River in Manchu language. The Songhua River being the main branch of the Heilongjiang River springs from Heavenly Pond in Changbai Mountain. As the largest river in Jilin Province, the Songhua River catches the hinterland of the Northeast Plain of China and irrigates thousands of fields. It runs to bring the alluvia which constitute the Songliao Plain, ranges from the middle to the west part of the province, joining the Songnen Plain of Heilong Province and the Liaohe Plain of Liaoning Province.

 Located in the center of Northeast China, Jilin Province shares borders with Russia and Korea in the southeast, adjacent to Heilongjiang province in the north, the Inner Mongolia in the west and Liaoning Province i...[ View Details ]

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